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HSBC - description of the lender


Credit cards from HSBC enable customers to transact anywhere and anytime. HSBC provides convenience and convenience for customers with various benefits and benefits in one card. If you are making a purchase transaction with an HSC credit card, you can apply for an installment program with a low interest rate.


nterest Rate (per month) 2.25%
Interest Rate (per year) 30.6%

Representative example

Main Card: 21-65 years old
Additional cards: 17-65 years old

Age restriction

Aged between 21 and 60 years.


- Aged between 21 and 60 years old.
- HSBC can only process online for applicants who live in the city: Jabodetabek, Bandung, Medan, Semarang and Surabaya.
- An active credit card from any bank.
- In the last 6 months, credit card submissions have never been denied.
- Minimum combined gross income Rp.60.000.000


- KTP (Indonesian Citizenship)
- Passport and Kitas (WNA)
- Income Document (photo )
- NPWP documents

Important information

- Annual Fee of Main Card: Rp.300.000
- Additional card: Rp.130.000
- Cash withdrawal fees: 5% of total cash withdrawal or at least Rp 50,000
- Late fees: 3% of total bill or a maximum of Rp 150,000
- Card Replacement Charges Rp. 50,000


- Cashback up to Rp. 250K for expenditure in Group MAP
- Enjoy HSBC credit card promo in over 500 merchants.
- Bestpay to convert the transaction into a light installment
- Free access to various Airport Lounges in Indonesia by redeeming 22,500 Point HSBC Rewards ward point that can be used for Pay with Point Merchants & at certain Airport Lounge


PT Bank HSBC Indonesia
PO Box 2307, Jakarta 10023

Other offers

Minimum income requirements
Annual fee
Minimum repayments
Minimum age
21 years
* Installment 0% at Sentraponsel, Gadget Gallery, Point 2000, Rappang Store, Vinrey Cel;
* Free Annual Fee for One Year;
* 1 ÆON Happy Point at any transaction Rp.2.500.
Online application
ÆON Visa Card
Minimum income requirements
Annual fee
Minimum repayments
Minimum age
21 years
* Barca Ultimate Trip;
* Up to 10% discount at FCB Official Store;
* 2x Reward Points at the Sport Stores.
Online application
Mega Barca Card
Minimum income requirements
Annual fee
Minimum repayments
Minimum age
21 years
* Initial Cashback Bonus Rp. 1 million;
* Attractive Promo with Rewards Points;
* Free Billing Fees.
Online application
BRI MasterCard Platinum
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